Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Justin said...

Best I can tell, picture one is saying that the Gospel leads to salvation. Once we receive salvation, we're done.

Pic two is saying salvation is given, and the Gospel is to spread that gift to others.

Basically, pic one is saying salvation is the response to the gospel, pic two is saying salvation is the reason for the gospel. Very subtle difference, yet very profound.

Am I correct, or have I completely missed the point? Things like this often confuse me. ;-)

Eric Orozco said...

I think your reading is great! I just prepared this diagram for my lesson this week...and I'm not that happy with it, but I'm playing with it.

To explain a bit: The top diagram tries to explain in visual terms how the common evangelical view of salvation is thought of in strict personal terms. The gospel is heard, one responds to the gospel to receive salvation and that's that. It is a "closed" view because it doesn't have the Other in mind.

The bottom diagram tries to show the expansive view of salvation the Sermon on the Mount is getting at. Salvation is freely given, our response is to value God's love and value others more. The Torah and the ethics propping up Torah, teach us how to respond to others. Others come to know God's grace, mercy and through and by virtue of our transformation through salvation and our conduct toward them. They see the Gospel and come to know God...and they receive salvation and the pattern repeats.