Sunday, November 13, 2005

Session #3: The Gospel According to Mary

Those who carry pianos
to the tenth floor wardrobes and coffins
an old man with a bundle of wood limps beyond the horizon
a woman with a hump of nettles
a madwoman pushing a pram
full of vodka bottles
they will all be lifted
like a gull's feather like a dry leaf
like an eggshell a scrap of newspaper

Blessed are those who carry
for they shall be lifted.

-Anna Kamienska, "Those Who Carry"


Joseph said...
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Farah said...
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Eric Orozco said...

Sorry for the above deleted entries (we got spammed) unfortunately, we will have to limit our conversations to members only. That doesn't mean you can't invite people to all means invite any and all who may be interested!

...But back on topic. Wonderful discussion tonight guys! It's amazing what Jesus' life does by its very nature.

Tamara reminded me that Hannah's prayer is the first place in the Bible where the God's Messiah ("His anointed one") is mentioned. It is in fact one of the oldest pieces of writing in the Bible...the language is very it makes perfect sense that Mary would also make her "magnification" of God with the same kind of language. Mary understands her people's "salvation" Yeshu'ah (a word appearing in Hannah's prayer) to be immanent, for she could not have missed the significance prophetic outburst of a once barren woman. Just like Hannah, Elizabeth is a symbol for the Jewish nation.